Portholes! - New Jewellery by Lawrence Gibson June 22 2017

Lawrence Gibson was brought up in a hamlet near the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. He gained a National Diploma from Falmouth School of Art in 1991 and relocated and gained a First Class Degree with Honours from Cardiff Institute of H.E. in 1994.Post education, Lawrence worked in the model-making business where he learnt new techniques and processes which lent themselves to the design and manufacture of jewellery. New forms were created through inspiration from the UK coast, its beautiful coves and beaches, fishing harbours and surf culture. Now based in Sully, South Wales, the process continues… as does the creation of ocean inspired jewellery made with pewter and resin.

Purple Gallery stocks a wide range of Lawrence's jewellery. Price range from £12 - £30

Floozie in the Jacuzzi May 24 2017

Mark Hickman was born in the West Midlands. He completed  a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan in 2001 and  moved to Goldsmith's College in London to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in 2005.

Having studied and lived in London, the beauty of the capital city became obvious to Mark and he frequently visited, sketched and photographed the city through its landmarks. After spending a decade producing concept based paintings, Mark decided upon a radical change. He gradually became interested in atmosphere, natural and artificial light and embarked upon producing a series of paintings exploring a different set of values.  

Mark still continues to be inspired by the city and landscape surrounding  him. Now residing in the West Midlands,  his latest paintings focus on iconic images of the second city -  Birmingham.  

Image: Floozie in the Jacuzzi, Oil on Canvas, 35 cm x 25 cm £350 

The Purple Gallery Spring Exhibition May 08 2017

Our Spring Exhibition is now underway and will continue until Saturday 17/6/17. This exhibition draws together new work from Painters, Printmakers, Ceramicists, Sculptors and Jewellers from within the U.K.  


We will be introducing for the first time, the work of printmaker Mike Allison and also recently added to the gallery - linocuts by printmaker Kerry Tremlett.   FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UK

100 Views of Birmingham April 15 2017

In 2015, Mike Allison began a printmaking project called 100 Views of Birmingham. The project was initially inspired by Hiroshige’s 100 views of Edo and Mike was attracted by the scale and professional commitment such a project would require of him!  One hundred views is a considerable journey that will inevitably document a changing Birmingham.

In some of Mike's prints, Hiroshige’s influence is evident in the choice of subject or use of composition but influences and ideas are also appropriated from other contemporary photographers, film-makers and printmakers.

Mike was born in Whalley, Lancashire in 1970 and now works and resides in the West Midlands. 
  He completed a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in 1992 and a Masters in Fine Art at De Montfort University in 2005. 

image shown: The Electric Cinema, Relief Print, 30 cm x 40 cm £140 (u/f) £175 (framed)

Together - Miniatures! March 17 2017

We are pleased to have some new miniature sculptures in the gallery by Yorkshire Sculptor David Mayne.  

David completed a B.A.(Hons) Fine Art at Sheffield Polytechnic in 1986.  He is a sculptor of national repute with work in both public and private collections throughout the UK.  

His richly textured steel sculptures are the result of extensive welding and grinding of the surfaces as he explores his subject’s unique qualities. The results are beautiful, bespoke sculptures, that capture the movement and essence of a particular creature.


Fresh from the Press IV February 26 2017

This week we will be hanging a new exhibition featuring the work of some of the U.K.'s very best printmakers.

Collagraphs, Etchings, Linoprints and Screenprints will be available at the show.

Contributing artists: Mychael Barratt, Ed Boxall, Barbara Jackson, Flora McLachlan, Ian MacCulloch, Vicky Oldfield, Hugh Ribbans, Jane Walker.

There will also be giclee prints by Colin Carruthers and Paul Robinson.   

Click here for further information on Printmaking Processes>>>

Journey - A Solo Exhibition of Paintings February 17 2017

Over the past ten years Colin Carruthers has travelled extensively to the Scottish Isles,
throughout the U.K. and more recently to France.

The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play an important part in his work and he is particularly interested in the interplay of light between water and sky.  

This Solo exhibition draws 
together a collection of works created using differing media and shows Colin’s journey in his use of colour and some of the developments he has made over the last ten years.

Bournville Paintings and Prints January 01 2017

Colin Carruthers was born in Antrim in Northern Ireland in 1963. When he was a young boy living in Antrim someone bought him a bar of Bournville chocolate. He remembers not liking the taste that much (he prefers Cadburys Dairy Milk) and thinking that Bournville was a fictitious name made up for a chocolate bar and not a real place.  

His older brother came to Birmingham to study accountancy and Colin followed a few years later - going on to study Fine Art at Margaret Street. Little did Colin know that many years later, he would create a painting of the very same factory where his chocolate bar was made and that he would be selling his work at a gallery just a short distance away. Original paintings and signed, limited edition prints of his work, are available at Purple Gallery.  Click here to view>>> 

We've Found the Sun.. Remember the Sun? November 24 2016

In this week's publication I Choose Birmingham have featured the work of Purple Gallery artist Mark Hickman. Editor Tom Cullen creates weekly e-mails revealing the best in culture, food, bars, films, entertainment and exhibitions, in and around Birmingham. 


Printmaker, Creative Writer, Author...... November 13 2016

Ed Boxall is an artist, writer and creative educator living in Hastings, England.   He work in many areas such as printmaking, small scale book publishing, poetry, storytelling, songwriting and education.  

Ed produces series of limited edition linoprints - some exploring quiet moments of solitude experienced alone in wild natural places, others depicting animal friendships. The prints are all hand made and unique. Created using traditional printmaking methods on Fabriano Rosapina papers.

 image : Little Boat, Linoprint;  21 cm x 21 cm (paper size 35 cm x 48 cm) ; Edition 32/50


Birmingham Watercolours November 07 2016

Jonathan Taylor is an Associate Member of the RBSA and has recently produced two lovely watercolour paintings depicting Birmingham scenes.  Jonathan was born in Stourbridge, West Midlands.  He studied in Worcester and Leeds between 1982 and 1987 before turning professional in 1988.  It was whilst at Leeds that he discovered his love of painting his surroundings. His inspiration always starts by being there in the landscape and experiencing it's moods. He paints using watercolours and pastels.

Artist Statement:  "I am primarily concerned with the depiction of light in the environment - be it cityscape, landscape or seascape. I am fascinated how the changing light conditions can transform a scene. Atmosphere is always the starting point whenever I approach a painting and I always try and create a sense of place and of mood.  I hope  the viewer can feel something of what it is like to be there -  wherever it may be".

Christmas is Coming! October 22 2016

We are now busy preparing for our next exhibition-  The Purple Gallery Christmas Show - which will officially open on Saturday 5th November at 9.15 a.m.  We will have four new artists exhibiting with us for the first time:  Ed Boxall (Printmaker), Frances Rogers (Painter), Katy Mai Webster (Ceramic Jewellery and Screenprints), Olivia Jeffries (Ceramics).    

If you would like a sneak preview of what is to come,
click here>>>  to view our preliminary online catalogue of work for the show.



Silver Birch with Fox September 01 2016

Some lovely new metal sculptures have just arrived in the gallery that have been created by sculptor David Mayne.  His richly textured steel sculptures are the result of extensive welding and grinding of the surfaces as he explores his subject’s unique qualities. The results are beautiful, bespoke sculptures, that capture the movement and essence of a particular creature.

A sculptor of national repute, David produces work for galleries, public spaces and the domestic environment. His artwork has been commissioned throughout the country and can be found in town
centres, rural locations, public buildings and private homes and gardens.

Click here to view current work>>>

The Eye Watching You........ August 11 2016

I Choose Birmingham has featured an article on Carrick Siddell in this week's publication. Carrick's work is part of a mixed exhibition of contemporary artwork at our Autumn Exhibition and his Birmingham paintings will be available at Purple Gallery until the end of October 2016.

Autumn Exhibition 2016 August 01 2016

This exhibition focuses on the work of West Midlands Artists and draws together a great collection of acrylic and oil paintings - many depicting Birmingham scenes.

Featured Artist: Carrick Siddell
Carrick Siddell was born in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands and travelled extensively as a child – spending many years growing up between America and Spain. He studied Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with a BA Honours Degree in 2002, followed by a PGCE in Art and Design from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005.
Carrick likes to record the subtle changes in light and shadow that would normally go unnoticed.

His paintings record these changes and sights, almost like memories or snapshots of the places he has visited.    
These paintings are the result  of ideas that manifested themselves  some years ago. Interested in capturing the way light and shadows played on the surfaces of buildings, Carrick observed the way the summer sun burned into walls and streets - casting cool shadows - and painted the way the light changed in Autumn through to Winter.  

This series of Birmingham paintings records the way Carrick sees the City and are painted at eye level.  He paints with thick oils, moulding and sculpting the scene, until he has captured the required memory.  Click here to view the online catalogue>>>


The Urban Village Series June 30 2016

Since exhibiting at Purple Gallery, Colin Carruthers has painted many Birmingham scenes - some depicting Bournville and the surrounding areas.  These paintings have proven very popular and some of these iconic scenes are now available to purchase as limited edition giclée prints at very affordable prices. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints,  they can be purchased directly from Purple Gallery or online via our website.

Own Art Plus May 20 2016

Purple Gallery has been an Own Art member Gallery for the last ten years. We have facilitated many sales of original works of art (including ceramics and sculpture) by offering an interest free loan over 10 months through the Own Art Scheme.

Arts Council England now offer another interest free scheme - Own Art Plus.  It works in a similar way to the current Own Art Scheme but facilitates a loan for purchases over £2,500 up to £25,000.

Click here to view artwork currently available under the Own Art Plus scheme>>> 

Representative 0% APR

Own Art is an Arts Council England initiative operated by Creative United, a registered trademark of Creative Sector Services CIC, a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales under number 08280539. Registered office: 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE.Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. ® The Own Art logo is a registered trademark of Arts Council England.


Dreaming of Birds April 24 2016

Now available - vibrant ceramic figurines in the Dreaming of Birds Series - by Susan Czopor. 

Susan Czopor graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1996.   As well as painting - Susan creates brightly decorated ceramics - one of which was selected for display at the V&A Museum in early 2000.   Her paintings and ceramics celebrate colour, form, pattern and texture. Thoughts, feelings, figures and objects are synthesised into a unified visual statement reflecting her 'inner world'.

Painting Influences  - Paula Modersohn-Becker, Chagall, Klimt, Matisse, Mary Fedden and narratives of Frida Kahlo and Shani Rhys-James.

Ceramics Influences - Philip Eglin

Salt Pots and Olive Bowls March 24 2016

We have some great new ceramics in the gallery from Robert Goldsmith.  Robert established Selborne Pottery in 1985 after attaining a BA Honours in Ceramics at West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham. All Robert’s  work is hand thrown and turned stoneware.  No machines or moulds are used and the traditional techniques have taken many years to perfect. Combined with high temperature stoneware glazes, fine brushwork, wax resist and glaze trailing, the finished pots with rich copper red and cobalt blue glazes are both functional and decorative whilst still having a contemporary look.   Although decorative, the pots have been designed to be used and are oven and dishwasher safe.

The Diva Series March 11 2016

We have some wonderful new figurines now available in the gallery by Edtya. 

Born in Poland, sculptress Edyta Szymanska comes from an artistic background. Her father was a painter and writer  -       his work informing her sensibilities throughout her childhood. 

Working mainly with clay Edyta creates both small figurative and large scale ceramic pieces. Interpreted through colour, texture and form, Edyta uses the human figure as the vehicle through which to express beauty, line and grace.

Price: £125 each

The Cadbury Factory in Moonlight February 11 2016

I was talking with Colin about his painting The Cadbury Factory in Moonlight......He was telling me that when he was a young boy living in Antrim, someone bought him a bar of Bournville chocolate. He remembers not liking the taste that much (he prefers Cadburys Dairy Milk) and thinking that Bournville was a name made up for a chocolate bar and a fictitious place.

Little did he know that many years later, he would create a painting of the very same factory where his chocolate bar was made and have the painting on display in a gallery just a stone's throw away.........

New Exhibitions in 2016 January 14 2016

Purple Gallery will host four major exhibitions this year featuring new work by established artists, but also introducing the work of new artists later in the year.  The first show in 2016 will feature the work of Colin Carruthers, who has been exhibiting here in Birmingham since the gallery opened in April 2005.

As viewers of art, we tend to naturally focus on an artist's finished work - but some painting techniques draw our attention to the artist's process. Impasto is one of these techniques. Colin creates textured surfaces by applying paint to the canvas as thickly as possible.   The oil paint dries slowly, allowing him to build layers in which the marks of the palette knife are often still visible - creating interesting and dramatic effects.                          

There will be a wide range of Colin's vibrant new landscape and seascape paintings included in the Early Spring Collection - An Exhibition of Contemporary Artwork by Purple Gallery artists. The show opens on Saturday 13th February and continues until the end of April 2016 and will also feature original prints, created using traditional printmaking methods.  

image: Among the Wild Angelica
Oil on canvas
40 cm x 40 cm 

Christmas Greetings December 25 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! This year we celebrated TEN YEARS of trading and are pleased to have represented and featured some of the very best artists from the U.K. and Europe during our time here in Bournville. If you were unable to make it to our Christmas Show, you may view some of our featured works via our online SHOP.

We will re-open on Wednesday 6th January at 9.15 a.m. and our current exhibition runs until 31st January 2016.   Thereafter, we will be looking forward to an exciting new programme of exhibitions in 2016!


Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery November 26 2015

Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery ®

Award winning products made from broken and recycled skateboards.

Thrashion is a 100% skater owned-and- run DIY business - supporting the UK skateboarding industry and is based in Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Where did the idea come from?   Nat Ribgy has been passionate about recycling for years, but started Thrashion when she was pregnant with her little boy (now 8!)  She found old skateboards after clearing out the attic and had a "lightbulb moment".  Her first product was a bangle and this expanded to her current product range of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, cufflinks etc.

Where do the skateboards come from?  Nat says: "I am supplied by skate companies, distributors, pro skaters, local skate shops, local skate parks and friends".  

How are the products sealed?    Each item is coated with clear varnish which is applied by hand. The product is tested vigouously to ensure that it will last, the product is waterproof to a degree but its not advised to submerge the product as this will affect its longevity. 


Getting Ready for Christmas! November 14 2015

We have lots of new and exciting artworks coming into the gallery for our Christmas Show which opens on Saturday 21st November.  There will be three new artists exhibiting with us for the first time.

Originally from Walsall, Jude Freeman studied History of Art at Sussex University and the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Following a career in UK art schools (Brighton, Hereford and Camberwell) she began etching after moving to Dartmoor.

image right: Winter Bouquet; hand-coloured etching by Jude Freeman

Flora McLachlan
was born in Littlehampton, West Sussex in 1974 and is now based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. She studied Art at Brighton College of Technology and completed a PDD in Illustration at West Hertfordshire College in 1999. Flora's preferred technique is etching. Many of her etchings are under-printed with a painterly mono-collagraph plate.

Rachel Grant was born near Stafford in 1976 but spent some of her childhood living by the sea in Suffolk. She studied Art at Staffordshire University and then Textile Design and Surface Pattern at Buckinghamshire University, graduating with a B.A. Honours in 1999.   She now works as a full-time freelance artist and designer, specialising in mixed media. Layering and the inclusion of collage are key elements to her process throughout – evoking a sense of age and depth.  

Autumn Exhibition October 10 2015

The Autumn Exhibition is well underway at Purple Gallery. Our featured artists are Richard Burel and Ellie Hesse. 

Richard was born in Rouen, France in 1974 and currently resides in Italy.   A self-taught artist, Richard creates mixed media paintings and works mainly in acrylic using a palette knife.  Known for painting imaginative townscapes – his work  has been inspired by the architecture and the differing colours, tones and textures of these structures. His townscapes include humour with simple narratives that have been characterized and brought to life by his introduction of figures and detail that have amused him or fired his imagination.  

Ellie was born in New York in 1972 but spent most of her childhood in the Yorkshire Dales. Travel has always been an important feature of her life since then, exploring Asia and South America, as well as living and working in a number of different European countries.  Ellie is a self-taught artist who has been painting professionally since 2001. She uses a variety of different media and techniques, depending on the subject matter. The palette knife is her tool of preference for building up layers of texture and depth of colour in her townscapes wherease her equine work demands a freer hand in seeking to capture the horse’s natural form and movement, and so charcoal and more fluid paints feel more appropriate. Ellie has found that with two approaches to her work, the creative tension that arises from contrasting solid, architectural forms with the fluidity of a natural and dynamic subject, creates a certain energy, keeping the painting process always fresh and exciting.

Visit to Vannes September 27 2015

We have just returned from our very own Tour de France and during our time away we were able to meet up with one of our French artists Muriel Bernard.

Muriel first studied as a multi-media artist and then moved towards working as a commerical artist. Having been inspired by a visit to Brittany in 1989, she produced her first watercolours of Morbihan. She was an independent designer and illustrator for ten years, but now lives and works in Vannes, where she is a full-time artist.

She devotes herself entirely to her work which is shared between watercolours, oils and etchings.  Her 
etchings are realized on copper plate with aquatint. Prints in color are printed in a single sitting with a much longer inking time. Tints can vary according to the editions.

Muriel has been working on a new series of etchings and we are pleased to introduce them at our Autumn Exhibition which opens on Saturday 3rd October 2015.


Greetings! August 14 2015

We have some lovely new 3D cards in stock by Northampton-based Thu Trang.  Ideas are sketched out by hand and cut using laser technology. We particularly like the Washing Line card - each item of clothing hangs independently on it's own hook and sits in a tiny little groove on the line. Intricate detail and articulately finished. A work of art!  Click on the image below to see the clothes blowing in the wind!

Vessel by David Mayne June 26 2015

David Mayne completed a B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art at Sheffield Polytechnic in 1986.   He is now a sculptor of national repute who produces work for galleries, public spaces and the domestic environment.

His artwork has been commissioned through-out the country and can be found in town
centres, rural locations, public buildings and private homes and gardens.  His richly textured steel sculptures are the result of extensive welding and grinding of the surfaces as he explores his subject’s unique qualities.

As well as the larger outdoor pieces, David produces smaller indoor sculptures that capture movement and the essence of a particular creature.   

Dappled Light, Bournville Park June 12 2015

Bournville Park sits a stone’s throw away from Bournville Village Green, nestling between aptly named Oak Tree Lane and Beech Road and only a  short distance from neighbouring roads –  Sycamore, Maple, Acacia, Willow, Laburnum and Elm.  The roads of the Bournville Estate were lined with trees as part of an initiative in by-gone days by the Cadbury family,  who built cottages and houses adjacent to their new factory to give workers a better environment to live in.    The stream called the Bourn which runs through the park, runs west-to-east through the Bournville factory site and to this the Cadbury brothers added the French word ville meaning ‘town’, for it was fashionable at that time for confectionery to be thought to be French or Swiss.

Dappled Light, Bournville Park, oil on canvas, 60 cm x  50 cm will be available at the Summer Show at Purple Gallery from 20th June 2015 along with other paintings in a new series of work by Colin Carruthers

Symbolistic imagery May 22 2015

One of the artists exhibiting at this year's The Little Picture Show is European artist Mitko Zhelezarov.  Mitko was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1966 and studied at the Pedagogic Colleges of Fine Art, Bulgaria in 1988.

Mitko gives expression to his ideas and emotions using abstract and symbolistic imagery. His creative pursuit is intimate, specific and carries the power of suggestion. He prefers to use vivid expressive colours with complex and soft shades to create ambitious, bright imagery.  

Mitko draws on the old traditions of Christian Iconographic painting, recreated in a contemporary and up-to-date manner. Major symbols used in his work include keys, hearts, chalice, numbers, letter, eyes and fish.   His sole thought, when he finalises a painting, is to carry the positive feeling of life that people can take with them.

image (above) : Keyhole, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 cm x 40 cm, £495
image (right):Sailing, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 cm x 50 cm, £695
image (below):The Boat, Acrylic on Canvas, 61 cm x 51 cm, £695 


Poppies May 08 2015

Our latest exhibition - The Little Picture Show - is now underway and there are lots of great paintings and prints on show - alongside new ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and craft items.  We are pleased to represent a broad range of both emerging and established artists producing quality, affordable, contemporary artwork.  For those slightly more expensive items, we can offer an interest free loan - making art accessible to all -  via the Arts Council's: The Own Art Scheme

Image : Poppies II, by Penelope Timmis, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm,£295  (pay by 10 equal monthly instalments of £29.50 using the Own Art Scheme. Email jane@purplegallery.com for details)

The Little Picture Show April 28 2015

We have just finalised hanging the art work in readiness for the opening of our new exhibition this coming Saturday 2nd May. There will be lots of new small paintings and prints on display, by both emerging and established Purple Gallery artists.

We will be exhibiting some new prints by Hugh Ribbans. Hugh trained at Canterbury College of Art.  Relief printmaking was his craft subject at college, particularly linocutting, and in 1989 he purchased a restored Columbian press, circa 1830. He produces woodcuts and linocuts, mixing heavily grained wood – often driftwood – and lino in his prints. Subject matter is often derived from images of animals and birds with a stylised treatment much influenced by ethnic art, but all subject matters interest him – including sport. 

Hugh has exhibited at the Barbican Gallery, the National Theatre, the National Print Exhibition, the Printmakers Council Open, The Society of Wood Engravers, the Society of Wildlife Artists and the Affordable Art fair.

Light, Shade and Colour April 10 2015

Janette Summerfield (RBSA, SWA)
Janette Summerfield gained a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and practised as a commercial interior designer for several years within both the public and private sector.

Janette uses the landscape as an inspirational springboard to investigate two areas of particular interest - light (and shade) and colour.  In light and shade, her interests lie in the shadows cast by trees and how these shadows evoke mystery and hidden secrets.  In colour she explores the complexities of using colour.  How colours combine, contrast and complement each other.  This approach often results in an abstraction of the landscape.  Both approaches represent her interest in the mood and atmosphere she senses in the landscape.

image: Shade, Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting exhibited at our Spring Exhibition until 25th April 2015

It's Our 10th Anniversary! April 09 2015

A big THANK YOU to all our customers for your support, custom and friendship over the last decade.  In some ways it seem such a short time ago that we opened the doors for business at 229 Mary Vale Road  - April 9th  2005 to be exact!

We will be hosting a party at the gallery on Saturday 20th June between 7pm - 9pm when some of our artists will join us to celebrate our milestone 10 years.  Food and drinks will be served in the Sculpture Garden - fine weather permitting!

Rembrandt's Dog and Sweet Thames! April 03 2015

We made a quick trip to London this week to visit Mychael Barratt to collect some new prints for our next exhibition.    It was great to chat to Mychael about his latest work and his forthcoming solo show at one of the London galleries later this year.

We collected Mychael's latest print - Rembrandt's Dog - which will be added to our own stock of his Artists Cats and Dog Series - to be displayed alongside other framed prints at the Little Picture Show opening here at Purple Gallery on Saturday 2nd May.

Last year Mychael's print Sweet Thames was accepted at the Royal Academy's prestigious Summer Exhibition and has already sold more than half of it's limited edition of 100.

Sweet Thames is an anecdotal and historical map. It is a six plate etching in three sections attached together with archival tape in the manner of an ancient folding map. It is a celebration of London's beloved river and features various random references to things found on, in, or by the Thames.  

We are pleased that we have edition no. 60/100 (framed) which will be on display at our forthcoming Summer show in June 2015.


Is Spring Here? March 13 2015

According to the Met Office calendar, Spring began on 1st March and will run until 31st May. The astronomical calendar however, determines the seasons due to the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the sun, so the next astronomical spring won't begin until 20 March 2015 and will run until 21 June 2015.  

Snowdrops have been prolific in some of the gardens we have recently visited in Bournville.  In our own garden at home, primulas have been in flower for quite some time and daffodils are now budding and almost ready to burst into life.  As part of our In All Seasons Exhibition, which runs until 25th April, we have lots of paintings and prints that depict flowers in all their glory - as well as some wonderful landscapes.    Printmaker Jenny Devereux finds herself inspired to paint floral scenes both from her garden and indoor still-life arrangements and were are pleased to have new prints now available in the gallery.   She has a highly individual approach to printmaking.  Each image is produced using only one copper etching plate; printed onto paper to produce a superb textile effect and then hand-mounted onto a backing paper. Depth and texture are achieved through the use of aquatints and paper cut-outs and Jenny skillfully manages to create a superb saturation of glowing, vibrant colour on these special hand- made Japanese papers.   

Also just in..... vibrant oil paintings by Dennis Minchin (RBSA).    Dennis trained at the Birmingham College of Art and the UCE.  He has exhibited at Birmingham's Ikon Gallery, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Taksu Gallery, Malaysia.  

Prizes won include the Cadbury Drawing Scholarship and the Pastel Society ‘Inscribe’ prize.
Five paintings are available to view at the gallery or to purchase online  

image above: Silver Snowdrops, Limited Edition Etching by Jenny Devereux
17 cm x 23 cm approx (unframed) £75

image left: Daffodils in Green Jug, Oil on Canvas by Dennis Minchin
40 cm x 50 cm; antique gold frame; £795

In All Seasons March 06 2015

Our new Exhibition has now been finalised.......we have lots of new works of art in the gallery - original paintings and prints, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and craft items at affordable prices by both emerging and established artists.    

Featured on our invitation is the work of Italian-born artist Giuliana Lazzerini. Giuliana was born in Seravezza near Pietrasanta in Tuscany. She studied at the Instituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta, gaining a Master of Arts Diploma. This was followed by a further four years studying painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara.


The Tuscan landscape and childhood memories still bear a strong influence upon Giuliana’s current work. In an earlier statement she describes her first encounters with art in Italy as a child in her father’s mosaic studio. She refers to the “translucency of the mosaic fragment” and her “fascination with the vibrancy of colour” from the juxtapositioning of the pieces. These early perceptions, several years on, provide a language and a vocabulary for her pictures in terms of colour, surface, scale of which she uses in the construction of her tapestry-like, interlocking, angular-surfaced village landscapes.


Giuliana divides her time between painting (oils, acrylics and watercolours)  and printmaking and we are pleased to introduce new paintings and prints as part of our Spring show.  


image :  Meadow Flight by Giuliana Lazzerini; linoprint price £48 



Here and There........... February 07 2015

Our latest exhibition is now underway...A mixed, solo show of original paintings by Colin Carruthers from Saturday 7/2/15 -Saturday 6/3/15. This is Colin Carruthers' 10th year of exhibiting his work at Purple Gallery and this year's show brings together a variety of new paintings along with some earlier works. Colin works with oils, acrylics and watercolours. When he is not painting in his studio, he likes to make trips to the countryside and coast and continues to draw inspiration from his travels - both abroad and here in the U.K.


Colin enjoys the experience of being outdoors  -  emotionally connecting  with  the  landscape  and  its surroundings.    He may visit the same place at different times, but each time the place is changed by the light, the weather and the flora,  and that  inspires  him  to  draw and  paint and  to  experience the place afresh – as if visiting it for the first time.    His paintings are a desire to capture something about the essence of what   it feels like to be there.  




Bird Flight by Sue Dyer December 15 2014

Sue Dyer gained a degree in Glass and Ceramics at Stourbridge College of Art
in the 1970’s.    Following  her  interest in  Ikebana and Japanese gardens, she
began  to  concentrate  on  ceramics,  focussing  on  inlayed   porcelain  vases.
“Ikebana” is the Japanese  art of arranging  flowers aesthetically where a sense
of balance is created between the three elements – sky, earth and man.Parallel
to  these  themes  Sue  also develops large-scale stone  sculptural forms which
could be  placed  within  the  environment.    Inspired  by  the  landscape  and a
strong affinity with standing  stones,  the  individual  pieces have a great feeling
of timelessness  and  purity  of sculptural form.



Prices of vases and bowls £55 – £250
Sculptural pieces £250 – £750


Left : Bird Flight
Porcelain Vase approx 40 cm h x 8 cm d
Price: £250

Gift Ideas for Christmas December 03 2014

Our Christmas Show is now well underway! There are lots of individual, unique, hand-crafted items alongside a great display of original paintings and prints by both emerging and established artists. Christmas opening hours>>>

Christmas Show opening soon! November 25 2014

Our Christmas Show opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday 29th November 2014.    All are welcome so please bring friends and family.  Refreshments will be served throughout the day. 

We have a wide variety of new paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and craft items for sale.  Lots of great quality, affordable gift ideas available to purchase in person from the gallery or online via our new e-commerce site.


Fritillaria Vase by Elaine Hind November 03 2014

Elaine Hind (RBSA)

Elaine’s work is always made with porcelain and is semi or non-functional, usually with a lot of modelling. It has an element of representationalism about it, or illustration.

Her main subjects are natural forms, especially flowers, although she also uses still life themes including decorative handbags and shoes which she collects.   She tries to capture the spirit of the subject in a free and sculptural way - never photographically. 

Purple Gallery have a wonderful new series of flower vases which will be available in the gallery until the end of December. This is a great opportunity to purchase one of Elaine's ceramic works. Each vase is unique and has been handcrafted and glazed to a very high standard.  

Two Pears and an Orange.......... October 29 2014

We are pleased to have a new collection of David Martin paintings, following our recent trip to Scotland.  David is still as passionate as ever about his two loves in life - painting and music!  He has been busy painting for a forthcoming solo show at one of his London galleries, but still made time to meet with us and take a short trip for our customary lunch at his local!    

David also exhibits annually at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute.  Painting subjects are mainly landscape & still life.  The painting of still life is exploratory in that objects are rarely ‘set up’ in the conventional manner as the composition develops through knowledge of the objects and how he want to use them.  

The new work will be on show in the gallery from Saturday 29th November as part of our Christmas show and will be available until the end of January.  Click  here for further information>>>


Ceramic Apples October 28 2014

We have just sold three more of Edyta's sculptural ceramic apples. More are now on order as stocks diminish in the run up to Christmas. These creative and stylish apples would make the perfect gift for those that like individually, hand-crafted unique ceramic pieces.  So why not revive the idea of "stocking fillers" for friends or family!

Edyta Szymanska  
 Working mainly with clay Edyta creates both small figurative and large scale ceramic pieces. Interpreted through colour, texture and form, Edyta uses the human figure as a vehicle through which to express beauty, line and grace. Her principal medium is clay, but she uses both ceramic and steel to create her artwork.   click here to see items currently in stock>>>


Urban Expressions September 11 2014

Our Autumn Exhibition opened on Saturday 6th September and continues until Saturday 22nd November 2014. The Exhibition showcases  contemporary artwork that depicts both British and European city life and features the work of Lauren van Helmond.   CLICK HERE to view the  Urban Expressions artwork catalogue >>>

Urban Expressions September - November 2014

Lauren van Helmond was born in North Staffordshire. She studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University and then Illustration at Glyndwr University.   Over the last decade Lauren has combined a background in Fine Art with Design Crafts and Illustration, to refine her artistic skills.

The creation of intricate depictions of British life showcases this multi disciplinary experience, resulting in fanciful characters created in wire, pegs, washers, old biscuit tins and found objects.  Focusing on British past times including gardening, drinking tea, day trips and hobbies, Lauren creates narrative worlds, which present the audience with a humorous view point. Minuscule objects are fabricated by cutting, folding and soldering tin and wire. These hand painted objects are assembled and displayed within the confines of either a box frame or glass dome.

Other exhibiting artists: Richard Burel, Colin Carruthers, Terence Clarke, Ellie Hesse, Ross Moore, Carrick Siddell and Melissa Sturgeon. 

Bluebells in the Lickeys August 13 2014

Springtime in the Lickeys by Margaret OvertonMargaret Overton was born in Coventry, West Midlands and gained a BA Hons in Fine Art from Leicester Polytechnic. She has been exhibiting at Purple Gallery since 2011 and has recently been focussing on landscapes. 

Margaret loves the sense of light and space created by the rich and varied woodland landscapes and particularly bluebells in Spring – which she finds spectacular. She has frequently explored this magical landscape theme throughout the year – charting the changing colours and light effects in all their richness and variety through the seasons.

We now have two further paintings in the gallery from this series of work.


New in! - Carrie Elspeth Summer Range July 26 2014

Jewellery by Carrie Elspeth is colourful, affordable, easy to wear and appeals to women of all ages.

Three new collections are launched each year and we are currently stocking new necklaces, earrings and bracelets from the latest Summer Range as well as work from previous collections.  

Carrie’s jewellery is well designed and captures the mood of fashion as well as making excellent, affordable gifts.  

Price Range: Earrings £6-£10, Bracelets £10 – £20, Necklaces & Pendants  £10 – £20