Blue and Cream Slipware October 31 2018

Just in!   We have a great range of new ceramics in the gallery by Mary Johnson

Mary makes ceramic vessels based on the tradition and new interpretations of slip decorated earthenware, using techniques applied in contemporary and unusual ways.   She has developed two ranges of work - tall, decorative and striking vessels filled with symbolic texture; a range of functional fun pieces which can be used in the home.  Plants, insects and tools are drawn directly onto the work from sketches made in the garden and allotments.  The work is thrown on a wheel from red clay with added materials to give a varied texture and feel. It is then torn or broken and reassembled to make vessels which are decorative and symbolic.

Image shown: Blue and Cream Harvest Jug, 26 cm h x 20 cm x 11 cm; £195

Dreaming of Birds April 24 2016

Now available - vibrant ceramic figurines in the Dreaming of Birds Series - by Susan Czopor. 

Susan Czopor graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1996.   As well as painting - Susan creates brightly decorated ceramics - one of which was selected for display at the V&A Museum in early 2000.   Her paintings and ceramics celebrate colour, form, pattern and texture. Thoughts, feelings, figures and objects are synthesised into a unified visual statement reflecting her 'inner world'.

Painting Influences  - Paula Modersohn-Becker, Chagall, Klimt, Matisse, Mary Fedden and narratives of Frida Kahlo and Shani Rhys-James.

Ceramics Influences - Philip Eglin

Bird Flight by Sue Dyer December 15 2014

Sue Dyer gained a degree in Glass and Ceramics at Stourbridge College of Art
in the 1970’s.    Following  her  interest in  Ikebana and Japanese gardens, she
began  to  concentrate  on  ceramics,  focussing  on  inlayed   porcelain  vases.
“Ikebana” is the Japanese  art of arranging  flowers aesthetically where a sense
of balance is created between the three elements – sky, earth and man.Parallel
to  these  themes  Sue  also develops large-scale stone  sculptural forms which
could be  placed  within  the  environment.    Inspired  by  the  landscape  and a
strong affinity with standing  stones,  the  individual  pieces have a great feeling
of timelessness  and  purity  of sculptural form.



Prices of vases and bowls £55 – £250
Sculptural pieces £250 – £750


Left : Bird Flight
Porcelain Vase approx 40 cm h x 8 cm d
Price: £250

Christmas Show opening soon! November 25 2014

Our Christmas Show opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday 29th November 2014.    All are welcome so please bring friends and family.  Refreshments will be served throughout the day. 

We have a wide variety of new paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and craft items for sale.  Lots of great quality, affordable gift ideas available to purchase in person from the gallery or online via our new e-commerce site.


Fritillaria Vase by Elaine Hind November 03 2014

Elaine Hind (RBSA)

Elaine’s work is always made with porcelain and is semi or non-functional, usually with a lot of modelling. It has an element of representationalism about it, or illustration.

Her main subjects are natural forms, especially flowers, although she also uses still life themes including decorative handbags and shoes which she collects.   She tries to capture the spirit of the subject in a free and sculptural way - never photographically. 

Purple Gallery have a wonderful new series of flower vases which will be available in the gallery until the end of December. This is a great opportunity to purchase one of Elaine's ceramic works. Each vase is unique and has been handcrafted and glazed to a very high standard.  

Ceramic Apples October 28 2014

We have just sold three more of Edyta's sculptural ceramic apples. More are now on order as stocks diminish in the run up to Christmas. These creative and stylish apples would make the perfect gift for those that like individually, hand-crafted unique ceramic pieces.  So why not revive the idea of "stocking fillers" for friends or family!

Edyta Szymanska  
 Working mainly with clay Edyta creates both small figurative and large scale ceramic pieces. Interpreted through colour, texture and form, Edyta uses the human figure as a vehicle through which to express beauty, line and grace. Her principal medium is clay, but she uses both ceramic and steel to create her artwork.   click here to see items currently in stock>>>