Rembrandt's Dog and Sweet Thames! April 03 2015

We made a quick trip to London this week to visit Mychael Barratt to collect some new prints for our next exhibition.    It was great to chat to Mychael about his latest work and his forthcoming solo show at one of the London galleries later this year.

We collected Mychael's latest print - Rembrandt's Dog - which will be added to our own stock of his Artists Cats and Dog Series - to be displayed alongside other framed prints at the Little Picture Show opening here at Purple Gallery on Saturday 2nd May.

Last year Mychael's print Sweet Thames was accepted at the Royal Academy's prestigious Summer Exhibition and has already sold more than half of it's limited edition of 100.

Sweet Thames is an anecdotal and historical map. It is a six plate etching in three sections attached together with archival tape in the manner of an ancient folding map. It is a celebration of London's beloved river and features various random references to things found on, in, or by the Thames.  

We are pleased that we have edition no. 60/100 (framed) which will be on display at our forthcoming Summer show in June 2015.