Summer Exhibition and Event: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Summer PARTY! on Saturday 22 June

Belinda Hutchings


Belinda has been a fine Jeweller, a Street portrait artist, a Painter (figurative, oils) and a Printmaker all her life. She started Sculpture in concrete (steel armature, chicken wire, fiberglass mesh etc) and now focused on Stone. She works with the Shapeshifter group and has exhibited in Birmingham at the Botanical gardens, University Staff house, Lichfield Cathedral, MAC, Custard Factory, Winterbourne Gardens, RBSA and also Royal Academy London.

Artist Statement: “Stone is a noble material. It cannot be corrupted. It retains its beauty even as it deteriorates, and the forms carved into it will remain for hundreds of years. The carver often crosses path of tiny fossils, testament to the ancient seas where the limestone beds were laid down”