Summer Exhibition and Event: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Summer PARTY! on Saturday 22 June

Jaroslav Hrustalenko

Jaroslav Hrustalenko is a  British-based artist with over 22 years of international experience in teaching, designing and making ceramics.  He was born in the Ukraine, and completed a Diploma in Ceramics at the College of Applied Arts in Ukraine in 1993, followed by a Bachelor of Art Education at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, in 2005.   He completed an M.A. in Contemporary Crafts, specialising in Ceramics, in 2007, at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey.  Since 2019, he is a selected member of Craft Potters Association, which is the National body representing the very best British ceramic artists. he has numerous curated exhibitions and his artwork are kept in many private collections worldwide. Jaroslav also participates in international symposia and has several professional publications.

Jaroslav has many interests and is inspired by musical harmonies, tango dance moves, anthropology, geology and petrography as well as non-oxide chemistry, flowers and oriental cooking – to name just a few influences to his work! 

ARTIST STATEMENT: Jaroslav says:  " I tend to alter popular ceramic forms, giving them a new dynamic look - by translating the passionate moves of tango - into my own language of ceramics design with distinctive colour solutions and tense potent lines. In terms of the vessel's main function, this seem to improve pouring, with no compromise in containing. Despite abandoning static symmetry, I still pot on the traditional wheel". 

image right: Teapot from The Funky Tableware Range
Available by Commission only (price on application)