Exhibitions 2020


Exhibition dates: 16/11/19 - 31/01/20

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Exhibitors:  Ann Armitage, Barbara Jackson, Colin Carruthers, Dennis Minchin,  Iveta Goddard,  Jane Marshall, Maggie CochranMark Hickman,  Paul Robinson, Victoria LinehanWhittle Design

A Solo Exhibition 
by Colin Carruthers 
Featuring a New Series of Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media Paintings

Exhibition opening: Saturday 8th February from 10 am - 6 pm
Exhibition Dates: 08/02/20 - 29/02/20 

image: In the Evening Light
by Colin Carruthers
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 70 cm

THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING!  A Mixed Show of Paintings & Prints by gallery artists  
Exhibition Dates: 07/03/20 - 19/04/20

image: White Cottage
by Giuliana Lazzerini
Acrylic on Canvas
30 cm x 30 cm

GALLERY CLOSED:   Monday 20th April - Tuesday 12th May

FRESH FROM THE PRESS VI:  An Exhibition of Original Prints - created using traditional printmaking methods
Exhibition Dates: 16/05/20 - 27/06/20

image: Reading with Daisy
by Ed Boxall
15 cm x 21 cm £65

THE SUMMER EXHIBITION:  15th Year Anniversary Show  New Paintings, Ceramics, Prints, Jewellery, Sculpture & Craft from established Purple Gallery Artists     Exhibition Dates: 04/07/20 - 22/08/20

image featured:  Still Life with White Coffee Pot by Terence Clarke; oil on canvas, 40 cm x 40 cm

THE LITTLE PICTURE SHOW:  An Exhibition of Smaller Paintings & Prints    
Exhibition Dates: 02/09/20 - 17/10/20
GALLERY CLOSED:  Sunday 18th October - Tuesday 3rd November 2020 
THE CHRISTMAS SHOW:  New Paintings, Ceramics, Prints, Jewellery, Sculpture, Craft    Exhibition Dates: 13/11/20 - 31/01/21