Summer Exhibition 2023 Dates: Saturday 15th July - Saturday 23rd September 2023

Vienna Forrester

Vienna Forrester has been developing her digital fractal art techniques since 2004. Inspired by patterns in the natural world, the seas and oceans –  in all their states –  are a main feature of her work.    “Ever changing and with a myriad of moods and colours, the fickle and the constant provided by them is soothing, inspiring  and exciting – I am an inveterate wave-watcher!   Inputting latitude and longitude and time/date stamps and colours from my original photographs to create a base fractal, my aim is to interact with the pattern created  until I can see a direct correlation with its natural source. What evolves is a fusion of two distinctly differing fields – the absolute rules of the fractal algorithm  and the imagination of the artist acting on sensory and actual recollection”.

Each piece is  set under glass and Vienna uses precious and base metal leaf such as gold, palladium, copper, aluminium and platinum to give the pieces an irridescence and depth when they catch the light at different angles.  They are mini portable art works in their own right.