The CHRISTMAS Exhibition 2022: Saturday 26th November - 28th January 2023


Purple Gallery has an outdoor Sculpture Garden, offering an opportunity for visitors to relax outside during fine weather.   

In 2005 when the gallery opened, the garden was a 20 ft jungle and home to old fridges and rats.   From it's conception in 2006,  the garden has evolved into a very peaceful and tranquil space - having seen many changes to both plants and stoneware sculptures over the years.

Refreshments are served in the garden (fine weather permitting)

Outdoor Sculptures on display in the garden: 

Stoneware pieces by Sue Dyer

Tall Metal Bullrush with Dragonfly by Daren Greenhow

and New Sculptures from Shapeshifters Group: Viv Astling RBSA, Belinda Hutchings, Ian McPherson and Joan Sharma