Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Artist Submissions


    Purple Gallery represents both emerging and established artists in the medium of Painting and Printmaking. We also consider applications from designer-makers in Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewellery, Textiles and Metalwork. We prefer to work with artists that are happy for the galleries that represent them, to take care of the marketing and promotion of their work i.e. those artists that value gallery representation above self-promotion.  

    We only accept applications via email   

    Please include the following with your application:

    • A Curriculum Vitae or Biography –    this should include: your full name and address, your date and place of birth and a telephone contact number; show any qualifications you hold; give a history of your education in art studies;  indicate when and where you may have already exhibited your work.  

    • A minimum of eight  JPEG digital images of currently available work completed within the last 12 months. Please label the images with titles and include a list of titles, sizes, medium and prices for the images submitted, indicating either an artist’s price or a retail price clearly on your application.  If you haven’t exhibited your work before, we can discuss pricing with you if your application is successful.  

    • An artist statement in general about your work and specifically about the images being submitted.  

    • The URL of your website if you have one.

    If you feel that you are able to fulfil the submission criteria, please EMAIL your application to Richard Russell
    Please note that we are not able to make appointments or spontaneously view individuals’ portfolios during gallery open hours.

    We will discuss our terms of trading with an artist if their application is successful.

    We do endeavour to respond to all applications but due to volume, this is not always possible. We will not review an application if the applicant has not met the above criteria and we do not give feedback if an artist’s application has been unsuccessful.

    Manager: Julia Fourteau