Summer Exhibition 2023 Dates: Saturday 15th July - Saturday 23rd September 2023

Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen was born in 1985 in Hanoi, Vietnam and now lives and works in Northampton. Trang works in a family business that offers a great selection of unique and cleverly-created, handmade pop-up cards 'for all reasons and all seasons'. All cards are laser-cut and 100% handmade by Trang and her family in their Northampton and Leicester workshops to the highest standards using only the best quality materials.  Art papers are from Japan and Italy.

Origamic Architecture and Pop-Up Cards
OA was developed by Masahiro Chatani in the 1980’s. He and Keiko Nakazawa have published many books on how to make these amazing creations. Together these two artists have introduced and inspired many others to excel in this art form.  Most origamic architecture designs are viewed when the paper is open half way (90° angle). This type of OA requires cutting and folding. An example of this would be a pop-up card. You can also design models which are viewed when the paper is opened completely (180° angle). This requires cutting, folding and gluing. This is seen in some pop-up books. Less common are the designs which are viewed when the paper is opened 360°.

Other Paper Arts
There are many artists who create dazzling designs by cutting paper. These can be flat cut-outs, pop-ups, or 3 dimensionals (as in globes and spheres).