The CHRISTMAS Exhibition 2022: Saturday 26th November - 28th January 2023

Studio 99 Printmakers

Studio 99 is a Birmingham-based Printmakers collective. Many of the group’s members belong to RBSA, RBA or RE

Formed in early 2017 and made up of a loose-knit disparate group of artists set up with the sole objective of practicing printmaking under the auspices of Master Printer Chris Salmon. Studio 99 meets once a week to work together, share knowledge, and, of course produce prints! The meeting is held in a newly built studio to produce Etchings, Collagraphs and Monoprints.  

Artists in Purple Gallery's Exhibition Include: (alphabetical)
Ann Hackett RBSA
Anthony Yates RBA 
Carol Meredith 
Chris Salmon RE RBSA 
Colin Spilsbury 
Diane Lewis-Aiello 
John Davenport RBSA 
Karla Stone 
Nick Logan 
Tina Braddock

Unframed Editions are also available. email enquiries to