WINTER 2023 EXHIBITION: Opening on Saturday 25 November and runs until 28 January 2024

Stephen Henderson

“Growing up in South-East England on the Essex Marshes, I developed a love of wildlife in general and of birds and fish in particular. In my work I hope in some way to capture a gesture or attitude that will resonate with the viewer in the same way as it does for me. I try to represent my own emotional response to my subjects rather than pursuing correct anatomical detail.

From my father, photographer and artist Nigel Henderson, I learned to trust my own eyes and delight in the finding of discarded objects; rusty metal and driftwood are frequently key parts of my work.  The biggest influence on my work came from meeting Guy Taplin, and seeing his carvings at first hand in his workshop was a revelation. There were a lot of resonances here with the way my father had worked. Many found items became trophies in their own right, lifted off the beach or from a wrecked building and given new significance”.

Stephen shows at galleries throughout the UK



We don't currently have any work available by Stephen Henderson online.
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