The CHRISTMAS Exhibition 2022: Saturday 26th November - 28th January 2023

Paula Bolton

Paula is a self-taught designer with very original ideas and her passions include Art and History. Paula’s father and grandfather were both born in Japan and her mother’s ancestors were Dutch merchants who sailed to the Far East 400 years ago.

Paula designs all the silver and copper jewellery herself and has worked with the same Balinese family providing ethical employment for local craftsmen since 1994. She works with many prestigious Museum & Heritage sites on themes including Art, Architecture, and Wildlife and her jewellery has become collectable by discerning customers worldwide.

Paula’s jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver, highlighted by 22 carat gold plate. Semi-precious gemstones used for their vibrant colours and delicate hues include Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Iolite and Citrine. The Pearls used are Freshwater Pearls grown in the rivers and lakes of China.



We don't currently have any work available by Paula Bolton online.
Please contact us if you are interested in this artists' work as there may be work available in the Gallery.