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Paul Robinson (Sculpture)

The discovery of a packet of clay in the back of a cupboard in early 2019 was the first step towards Paul taking a wildly different approach to his art. 

Paul Robinson is first and foremost a painter, with his work being included in collections worldwide. However, the thought of experimenting with a new medium was irresistible, and he loved the idea of trying something new.

When he came to making the armature on which to build the clay, he found this initial part of the process of manipulating the wire far more fascinating than working with the clay itself, and so quickly decided to abandon the clay altogether. Although, that’s not say it won’t make a reappearance in the future!

Each piece starts as a simple shape, and then begins hours of painstakingly forming each figure, working instinctively, and allowing the ideas to develop naturally, taking whichever direction they might choose.

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