STUDIO 99 : Birmingham Collective Artists Exhibition. Saturday 3rd June 2023 - Saturday 1st July 2023

Michelle Doidge

Michelle is a self-taught artist who has been actively practising her art for over 30 years. She works mainly in Oils and Pastels, as well as metallic Acrylics. She experiments using unconventional techniques to capture forms and texture in her paintings.

Art plays a big part in Michelle’s life, and she is constantly inspired by the natural world. She is fortunate to be surrounded by the ancient countryside of North Worcestershire and her landscapes often feature the magical sunsets she experiences here and on her travels. She also loves to paint the wild and energising seascapes of her favourite coastal destinations, which she loves to visit as often as she can.

She is currently undertaking abstract textural paintings, using palette knives alongside brushes to achieve 3D sculpted effect – even incorporating Polyfilla to attain such heavy impasto work. She is always looking to push the boundaries to show life in depth in her scenes, so that the viewer can get a sense of what she sees and conveys in her work