STUDIO 99 : Birmingham Collective Artists Exhibition. Saturday 3rd June 2023 - Saturday 1st July 2023

Marta Stolarska

Marta, originally from North West Poland is a self-taught painter living and working in Birmingham, UK. Marta fell in love with quirky streets, old buildings, architecture and the British Countryside with the Lakes being a great source of inspiration. Throughout her life Marta was looking for the best way of expressing her creativity, and ever since she discovered a passion for watercolour, her impressionistic style helps her transfer emotions onto paper and canvas, capturing the light, atmosphere and fleeing everyday moments. Main inspiration for Marta's work comes from the natural and man-made world merging together, the lights and shadows and the beauty of nature.

From the artist:

"I've had a vision of bringing something unique and exciting into people’s homes and lives. Before putting paint brush onto paper, my painting process starts in my head, imagination and in my heart. Trying to combine all the senses and to be able to transfer the feelings, I've decided that watercolour will be my medium of choice. A little untamed and with life of its own helps me blend the connection between the mind and the heart. Every part of nature sparks my creativity. Sunbeams reflecting from buildings, the sky reflecting from the snow, and the magical connection between man-made and the natural world. The only way I'm able to express what I feel is through my paintings, which contain a piece of me each time they are created."