Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Jennie Ing


"My art is inspired by a big interest in architecture.  I love the shapes, sounds, colours, and smells in the built up area.  I love the way there is always something behind and your picture is already cropped.  The city is full of secrets to be discovered, round every corner there is something new.   As a child I thought I wanted to be an architect, but I was told I had to be good at maths and filling my maths exercise books with doodles and drawings, it was pretty obvious that perhaps I was going in the wrong direction. 

I concentrated on art but it was some time later before I undertook higher education training.    After completing a foundation course in art and design at Richmond College - a magical year - I went on to do a BA in Fine Art Printmaking and Book Arts at Croydon College. 

I work by the reduction linocut method which involves the successive cutting away of the block and printing over the previously worked colour until the finished print is achieved.  It’s a risky process and needs careful planning. There is no going back and the whole edition must be completed at the same time".