February Featured Artists Show: Saturday 3 February - Saturday 2 March 2024

Anita Roye

Anita Roye was born in the West Midlands, where she has spent most of her childhood and adult life. She studied at Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street and completed a B.A. Honours degree, graduating with a first-class honour.

Actual experiences in the landscape are at the heart of her work, using tone as an entry point into the busy environment. Starting work en plein air gives Anita a chance to capture the landscape quickly, using pencil and watercolour. These sketches are later revisited as a starting point for her large oil paintings, which she finishes in her studio in Birmingham. Anita has a real admiration for the work of Turner, the way he played with light and captured the energy within the layers.

Interest in the physicality of the process of painting enables Anita to reflect the energy of the landscape. She is interested in capturing a sense of place rather than an accurate depiction of what is before her, ‘I want the viewer to bring their own experiences to my work’. Anita now uses her love of travel to visit countries near and far, where she captures rugged landscapes, desolate moorlands, and wild seas.

Anita recently finished an MA in Art Psychotherapy in South Wales.