North Worcestershire Artists Collective (NWAC) Exhibition: Saturday 9th March - Saturday 30th March 2024

Amanda Horvath

Amanda Horvath studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University where she obtained a BA degree (First Class Honours). Now working as a full-time professional artist Amanda concentrates on the discipline of painting from her studio in the hills of Derbyshire inspired by the landscape around her. 

With a unique contemporary style, Amanda gathers visual material en   response to the dramatic elements. Beginning with rapid drawings in her sketchbook or using a camera, these preliminary pieces are translated into finished works. The paintings are created expressively in acrylics, often with a palette knife, applying  on layer until reaching a natural conclusion.  

ARTIST STATEMENT:  ‘.......When I paint trees and forest scenes I attempt to capture the ethereal quality of light filtering through the leaves. I hope to impart the sense of peace and meditative calm I feel in these quiet places. I have a passion for expressing nature in bright vivid colours and nothing gives me more pleasure than when people say they love my painting.’