Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Sam Weeks

Sam Weeks is an internationally collected emerging UK artist, working in acrylic. She gained her Fine Art BA Hons from U.C.E. in 2001.

Both her figurative and abstract paintings have a recognisable style - colourful and engaging, upbeat and often rich with narrative. Weeks' fine art paintings are personal and authentic, yet have a universal resonance.

Sam is a founding member of United Artists of South Birmingham

Artist's statement :
“Whether painting an abstract or figurative piece, my practice is intuitive, and process led. I will start painting, often with no specific outcome in mind, but feeling my way with the paint and various mark-making tools, allowing the process to guide me. I use brushes, yes, but also scrapers, scratching implements, rollers, a detail sander, even cutlery! Anything I can find that will apply or remove paint, is fair game. And I always have a stack of self-printed papers on hand, to incorporate, adding layers of texture and history to the surface, as I go. I favour acrylic paint, due to its immediacy, adaptability, and the wide scope of combining it with so many other media.  
My studio - a 10' x 14' wooden shed at the end of my garden, is my sanctuary, my laboratory, my soul's true home. In there. with my music or the radio on, to keep me company, I commit fully to expressing my innermost thoughts and ideas, through paint, to those who would look and listen.  
Art is communication - it has a story or poem to tell, each painting a new stanza or paragraph, each series a new chapter.” Sam Weeks