Summer Exhibition and Event: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Summer PARTY! on Saturday 22 June

Mike Martin

Mike is a Ceramicist based in Birmingham,.

Artist Statement "I am inspired by the work of potters who create organic works such as Steve Booton, however I find myself drawn to the seemingly simplistic and elegant work of Potters like Florian Gadsby.

My aim is to make functional well-made and simply decorated items which I will continue to refine and develop over the coming years"

Mike was brought up in a family of makers. His father was a mechanic, his Uncle a structural engineer and his Grandfather a carpenter., He was brought up where the act of "designing" and creating things was an everyday process.

After retiring as a civil and structural engineer he was able to concentrate on developing his artistic talent in painting and drawing . In a series of art courses he was introduced to pottery at the Midlands Art Centre where other ceramicists worked and exhibited.

In the recent years, he has been on a range of extensive pottery courses, supplemented by further experimentation in his own home studio.