Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Marta Stolarska

In 2007 being fascinated by English language, stories of Sherlock Holmes, and of course thrilling voyages of James Bond. Marta moved to the UK looking for new experiences and adventures. Then falling in love with the quirky streets, rich culture, and diversity, she has made it her home.

Following her studies in Interior Architecture, the artist embarked on a quest to channel her voice. Her passion for creation led her to experiment with various artistic forms, ranging from crafting jewellery and cross-stitch artworks, to knitting for loved ones and engaging in interior design.

In 2021, amidst a personal mental health struggle, Marta discovered the world of fine arts. Her creative process became a form of escapism, a journey through time and memories, a pursuit of novelty. Initially falling in love with watercolour the artist now tries to push the boundaries of her creativity and imagination, experimenting with diverse subjects, stylistic techniques, and mediums, thereby crafting her unique artistic process.

Her artwork is being regularly exhibited in Birmingham and has created interest for commissions allowing her work to now be a part of private collections throughout Europe.

Artist’s statement "Being true to myself when creating is of utmost importance to ensure that the art I create is honest and originates from within.

Taking one step at a time and observing where my artistic practice leads me is paramount. Each step leads to the next. Sometimes things don’t work out, and that’s okay. It’s a learning process. The journey, in its entirety, is the essence and objective.

I allow my subconscious to guide me when I create, striving to stay in tune with it and learn from it.

I act instinctively, from one brush stroke to another, from one colour to the next. I constantly assess whether it feels right whether it mirrors my state of mind at that point in time, and whether it reflects my emotions."