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Jennifer Jokhoo

Jennifer is a New Zealand born artist who now resides in Surrey.

Encouraged by her two aunties at a very early age she discovered a passion for drawing and painting. 

Jennifer went on to study at the Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch New Zealand where she started her journey in printmaking. she loved the process oriented nature of the subject, primarily zinc plate etching and relief printing. After graduating she began a teaching career in art.

In 2001 she relocated to the U.K and continued teaching and creating art.                   Living in London she became inspired by her local surroundings and created prints that represented the local architecture, one of these was selected for the 2013 RA Summer Exhibition. Soon after she pursued a career as a full time artist. This decision proved to be a highly successful one. She now exhibits her work throughout the UK and beyond.  

Recent work has been inspired by more rural scenes, especially those that depict her new surroundings in the Surrey Hills.