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Janette Summerfield (RBSA, SWA)

Janette Summerfield gained a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and practised as a commercial interior designer for several years within both the public and private sector.  

Janette is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) and the Society of Women's Artists (SWA).

Janette uses the landscape as an inspirational springboard to investigate two areas of particular interest - light (and shade) and colour.  In light and shade, her interests lie in the shadows cast by trees and how these shadows evoke mystery and hidden secrets.  In colour she explores the complexities of using colour.  How colours combine, contrast and complement each other.  This approach often results in an abstraction of the landscape.  Both approaches represent her interest in the mood and atmosphere she senses in the landscape.