Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Jane Aston

Jane Aston was born in Selly Oak, Birmingham and worked for Birmingham Education Authority for twenty-six years. Her most memorable times were teaching art and textiles at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College on Woodbrooke Road, Bournville. The College had strong links with The Cadbury family and enjoyed regular visits to the “factory”. Purple of course was one of the most important design factors. It is of great significance that Jane should be exhibiting at The Purple Gallery.
She is a contemporary artist and loves painting intuitively which means she has no prior plans before starting to paint. She likes to start by blocking in her substrate with her chosen colour palette. This is often a limited palette made up of the three primary colours red, yellow and blue and white and black. She then builds up her work in layers because she likes to create a sense of depth. She often plays with a variety of tools and equipment to create a variety of marks and textures. She usually works with acrylics because of their quick drying properties and because she can make them resemble watercolours or oils. At some point the painting reaches the right balance and this is when she knows it is finished. Jane’s artwork is inspired by her worldly travels, music, daily meditation practices, memories, emotions and daily walks in nature with her dog.

Artist Statement:

“I simply love to surprise people with the essence of spirit expressed in my paintings. I believe a painting can say something that words cannot. I love that every picture tells a story and every person sees a different picture. This connection is a magical moment.”