April Featured Artists: PAINTERS- Mark Hickman & Studio KAVACHI / PRINTMAKER- Ed Boxall /Jeweller Mandy Nash / Whittle Design Metal Art

Fresh from the Press IV

This Exhibition draws together a wide range of prints that have been created by printmakers using traditional printmaking methods.

Collagraphs, Etchings, Linoprints and Screenprints are available at the show from the very best of British & European artists including: Mychael Barratt, Muriel BernardEd Boxall,  Barbara JacksonGiuliana LazzeriniFlora McLachlan, Ian MacCulloch, Vicky Oldfield, Hugh Ribbans and Jane Walker.   New Exhibitor: Kerry Tremlett

Also available..... signed, limited edition Giclee prints by Colin Carruthers and Paul Robinson

The Exhibition opens at 9.15 am on Saturday 4th March and continues until Saturday 29th April 2017.  Refreshments will be served throughout the day.  There will also be ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and craft items available in the gallery. 

Click here for further information on printmaking processes>>> 

image right: Into the Light by Kerry Tremlett, Linoprint 23 cm x 23 cm £120