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Emerenciana Floranda

Emerenciana is a professional French-Filipino artist. She started painting using watercolour and acrylics at a very young age. She moved to Chevreuse, France for over a decade ago and studied at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. This allows her to improve her painting techniques and learned to use other mediums.

She is a part of her town's artistic activities by participating in exhibitions and competitions. In 2014, "La Ballade des Petits Ponts" won the first prize in Chevreuse painting contest. 

Artist’s statement: "My work ranges from realism to surrealism, through abstraction and naiveté. I still love to do portraits but with time, the influence of contemporary art has gained my interest, stimulate my creativity and liberated my imagination. I discovered the beauty of deformed or imprecise subjects that I imagined and then appreciate such interpretation."