David M Martin (RSW, RGI)

David Martin has exhibited annually since 1948 at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute. He painted regularly all through his teaching career & exhibited regularly at the major Scottish annual exhibitions. He retired from his post as Principal Teacher of Art at Hamilton Grammar School in 1983.

Painting subjects are mainly landscape & still life.

“In landscape I try to extract rhythmic lines & lactated shapes from what is seen. These are sometimes echoed in other parts of the picture. The interpretation is not, therefore, totally visual – the painting becomes an equivalent to what is seen & takes on its own reality as it progresses. It is a process of development tied up with the act of painting – an exploration of shapes & movement, derived from visual sources. The painting of still life is also exploratory in that objects are rarely ‘set up’ in the conventional manner, the composition developing through knowledge of the objects & how I want to use them. “

Price range: £500 - £8,000