Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Daniel Stedman

Daniel studied Art at Birmingham School of Art and Design taking a degree in Fine Art. He studied a foundation year at Bournville School of Art and also studied Geology at Keele University, gaining a BSc an MA. Now self employed as a Geology consultant, Daniel works as an Artist.

Artist’s statement:
“My work is influenced by the post-impressionists, particularly by artists such as Van Gogh, Max Beckman, Ludwig Kirchner, Kees Von Dongen and Jan Sluitjers. I don’t work from photographs, preferring to work directly from the subject. I work en pleinair on landscape subjects mainly in the Birmingham area but also further afield including Iceland, Europe, South America and Antarctica. My geology work has allowed me amazing opportunities to travel, sketch and paint and my sketch book includes studies from over thirty widely divergent countries. I believe in discipline of drawing and draw everyday in my sketchbooks and have drawn in 30 countries to date. As well as painting in acrylics, I work in watercolour, tempera and oils. I also create art through printmaking, etching, sculpture, and ceramics.” Daniel Stedman