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Bridget McVey

Bridget McVey was born in Windermere, Cumbria and first started making pots at school, aged 11.  She moved to Leicestershire to study Ceramics at degree level and has made Lougborough her home, where she has her pottery studio.

Bridget has loved clay for as long as she can remember. Making pots makes her happy and she enjoys sharing that pleasure with those that choose to purchase her work.  A big inspiration has been the places that she has been fortunate enough to visit – in particular – Japan.   Following her visit there, she moved from working as an earthenware potter to working with high fired porcelain and coarse groggy stoneware.

Bridget wedges iron bearing clays into the stoneware, which gives it a warm, toasty surface that reacts well with the glazes.  The clay is layered with slips, stamped, impressed and drawn into and the thrown pieces altered whilst still on the wheel,  making each piece individual and spontaneous.


We don't currently have any work available by Bridget McVey online.
Please contact us if you are interested in this artists' work as there may be work available in the Gallery.