Summer Exhibition and Events: 22 June - 24 August 2024. Painting Demo by Swati Sinha of Studio KAVACHI on Saturday 13th July

Jenny Wheatley Biography

Jenny Wheatley RWS – NEAC
Trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design
gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting/Printmaking in 1981.

Exhibitions Include

RA Summer Show
Royal Scottish Academy
Scottish Gallery
Royal West of England Academy
British Contemporary watercolours
International Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia
Works on Paper
Chelsea Art fair
AAF London, Singapore, Hong Kong
Athena Art Awards
Hunting Group Art Prize
Institute of Education
Bourne Gallery, Reigate
Edenbridge Galleries, Reigate
Valetta City Museum, Malta
Russell Gallery, Putney
Callaghan Fine Paintings, Shrewsbury
Thompsons Gallery, Aldburgh
Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
New English Art Club
Jerram Gallery, Sherborne
Walker Galleries, Harrogate
Gorstella Gallery, Chester
Royal Watercolour Society
Duke’s, Dorchester
Purple Gallery, Bournville, Birmingham

One Person Shows

1982 New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
1984 New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
1986 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1986 Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow
1987 Nevill Gallery, canterbury
1988 Bohun Gallery, Henley
1989 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1989 Bohun Gallery, Henley
1991 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1992 Bohun Gallery, Henley
1993 Chris Beetles Ltd
1993 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1994 City Gallery, London
1995 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1995 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
1996 City Gallery, London
1996 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
1997 Jerram Gallery, Salisbury
1997 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
1998 Jerram Gallery, Salisbury
1998 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury
1998 Arthur Anderson, London
1998 Manor House Gallery
1999 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2000 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2002 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2003 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2004 Whittington Fine Art, Henley
2005 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2006 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2008 LLewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2008 Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall
2008 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2009 LLewelyn Alexander gallery, London
2009 Bourne Gallery, Reigate
2009 Gorstella Gallery, Chester
2010 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2010 Walker Gallery, Harrogate
2010 Jerram Gallery, Sherborne
2010 Bourne gallery, Reigate
2011 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2011 John Robertson at Edenbridge, book launch exhibition
2012 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2012 Walker Gallery, Harrogate
2012 Russell Gallery, London
2013 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2013 Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall
2013 John Robertson Fine Art, Edenbridge
2014 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2014 Callaghan Fine Paintings, Shrewsbury
2015 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2015 Sentinel Gallery, Wivenhoe
2016 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2016 Russell Gallery, Putney
2016 Callaghan Fine Painings, Shrewsbury
2017 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2017 Jerram Gallery, Sherborne
2018 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2018 Russell Gallery, Putney

Public Collections Include

British American Tobacco
Institute of Education
St. Thomas’s Hospital
British Gas
H.M. The Queen
H.M. Queen Mother
Maltese Embassy
Maltese Government permanant Collection
Qingdao Museum China
Pace Petroleum
Arthur Anderson
Hilton Hotels
Kent University
Kent County Council
John Lewis, Rochester, Cheadle,Sheffield
Southampton, Nottingham, Liverpool

Other Achievements

Winner of Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Award Canada 1983
Sponsored trip to Ladakh with joint British/Indian army expedition as artist recorder 1987
Sponsored trip to South Pacific 1988
Painting Expert on Channel Four’s Watercolour Challenge 2000 and 2001
DVD with RWS 2010
Book release Adventurous Watercolours by Batsford 2011