Seascape Vessels February 27 2020

Paula Downing's slabbed, pinched and coiled ceramics take clay back to its origins in the erosion and decomposition of rock. The volcanic finishes, deeply pitted surfaces, fissures, splits, stopes and rugged, monolithic shapes in her work mirror the natural actions of geology, and celebrate standing stones, way markers, forts, and the huge impact of ancient civilisations on the Cornish landscape. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Living on a rugged strip of land in the Atlantic, the pull of the wild as muse is impossible for the artist to ignore. Its form, colour and evolution are as dramatic as anything the imagination can conjure. Hopefully, my work is a direct, honest and respectful response to the world that remains unchanged by modern humankind". 

Paula is a member of the following societies:
The Craft Potters Association, The Penwith Society, The Cornwall Crafts Association and The Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Group.