Porcelain Slip Ceramics and Jewellery February 20 2021

We have just introduced the work of artist Charlotte Voaden to Purple Gallery.  

Charlotte graduated from Lampeter University in 1997 with an Honours degree in Ancient History & Archaeology. She  went on to further her education - studying  Ceramics and Jewellery at Carmarthen School of Art and graduating in 1991 with a 2:1 BA (Honours) Degree. 

Charlotte now works predominantly with enamel and slip-cast porcelain,  using mark-making as a visual language in her designs.  The central focus of Charlotte's work is embracing subtle energies - translating them into form and observing the interaction. 

She has made effective use of her design and ceramics skills and has extended her practice into ceramic jewellery making -  which carries her distinctive approach and mark-making. 

Click here to view Charlotte's porcelain ceramics and jewellery online >>>>