Canal Paintings by Colin Carruthers September 05 2019

Artist Colin Carruthers has recently been exploring Birmingham's canals which he has found inspirational. "Walking into the centre of Birmingham along the second City's towpaths, gives you an insight into the history of an industry from a bye-gone age.  Isn't it amazing", says Colin, "that you can be in a built-up City like Birmingham, yet walk a short distance down onto the local canal network and step into 'another world'. For me, it is wonderful to see the wildlife surrounding the canals.......Herons and other wild birds along with wild flowers by the water's edge.  It's also a delight, to get an insight into the life of people living in the narrowboats that frequent the waterways. It's like being transported into another world".  

The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play an important part in Colin’s work and he is particularly interested in the interplay of light between water and sky.   

The first series of Colin's canal paintings will be available at the Purple Gallery Autumn Exhibition which runs from Saturday 7th September until Saturday 9th November, 2019.

image featured: Ox-Eye Daisies, Bournville