Elaine Hind (RBSA) studied ceramics at Birmingham College of Art gaining an N.D.D. and A.T.D.  She has exhibited widely in the Midlands and has work in collections in Manchester and Birmingham.  

Elaine’s work is always made with porcelain and is semi or non-functional and usually involves a lot of modelling. She pays attention to detail and her work has an element of representationalism or illustration about it.  Her main subjects are natural forms, especially flowers, although she also uses still life themes including decorative handbags and shoes which she collects.   She tries to capture the spirit of the subject in a free and sculptural way - never photographically.

Purple Gallery has a wonderful new series of flower vases. This is a great opportunity to purchase one of Elaine's ceramic works. Each vase is unique and has been handcrafted and glazed to a very high standard.