Exhibitions 2017


Journey: A Solo Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings & Prints by Colin Carruthers.  Saturday 4th February - Saturday 26th February 2017

The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play and important part in Colin Carruthers' work and he is particularly interested in the interplay of light between water and sky.   This exhibition draws together a collection of works created using differing media and shows Colin’s journey in his use of colour and the developments he has made over the last ten years.  There will be a wide range of original acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings available at the show, along with a selection of drawings and signed, limited edition prints.

Saturday 4th March - Saturday 29th April 2017
Opening: Saturday 4th March at 9.15 am

An exhibition of prints that have been handcrafted by printmakers using traditional printmaking methods.  Each print passed through the press by the artist's own hands.  Collagraphs, Etchings, Linoprints and Screenprints will be available from the very best of British & European artists.  Contributing artists:
Mychael Barratt, Ed Boxall, Barbara Jackson, Flora McLachlan, Ian MacCulloch, Vicky Oldfield, Hugh Ribbans, Jane Walker

Image featured: Red Tulips, Multicolour Linoprint by Jane Walker
25 cm x 28 cm (Mounted) 

Also available: Signed, limited edition giclee prints by Colin Carruthers and Paul Robinson
New Artists:  
Mike Allison (Prints)Kerry Tremlett (Prints) 

Saturday 6th May - Saturday 17th June  Opening: Saturday 6th May at 9.15 am   
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This exhibition showcases paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and craft by new and established Purple Gallery artists.


Contributing Artists:  Colin Carruthers (Paintings & Prints), Terence Clarke (Paintings), Francesca Currie (Paintings), Sue Dyer (Ceramics), Sally Ann Fitter (Paintings),  Mark Hickman (Paintings), David Mayne (Sculpture),  Pat Short (Ceramics), Carrick Siddell (Paintings),  Janette Summerfield (Paintings) Melissa Sturgeon (Paintings), Whittle Design (Craft), Zoe Taylor (Paintings)

image featured: Shadows of the Sheldonian, Mixed Media Painting by Melissa Sturgeon   

Saturday 24th June - Saturday 12th August Opening: Saturday 24th June at 9.15 am  
This exhibition will showcase paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and craft by new and established Purple Gallery artists.  
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Exhibiting Artists:  
Anthony Yates (Paintings),  Colin Carruthers (Paintings & Prints), Giuliana Lazzerini (Prints),  Janet Cleghorn (Paintings), Janette Summerfield (Paintings), Lawrence Gibson (Jewellery), Mandy Nash (Jewellery),  Paul Robinson (Paintings & Prints), Ross Moore (Paintings), Sam Marshall (Original Prints), Stephen Henderson (Sculpture)

Image featured: Betty Loves a Windy Day.... Oil on Canvas, by Paul Robinson, size: 31 cm x 31 cm


Saturday 19th August - Saturday 16th September  
Opening: Saturday 19th August at 9.15 am. This exhibition focuses on the work of painters, printmakers and ceramicists that have been inspired by the both British & European Landscapes.

Exhibiting artists: Colin Carruthers (Paintings/Prints), Mark Hickman (Paintings), Jonathan Taylor (ARBSA) (Paintings), Ross Moore (Paintings)

image featured: Cotswold Lane, Winter Light, Original Painting by Jonathan Taylor (ARBSA)
size: 36 cm x 54 cm; medium: watercolour

GALLERY CLOSED Sunday 17th September - Tuesday 3rd October inclusive 
Gallery Re-opens on Wednesday 4th October at 9.15 a.m.
Saturday 7th October - Saturday 10th November  
Opening: Saturday 7th October at 9.15 am
Saturday 18th November - Friday 22nd December  
Opening: Saturday 18th November at 9.15 am
GALLERY CLOSED Saturday 23rd December - Friday 5th January inclusive 
Gallery Re-opens at 9.15 am on Saturday 6th January 2018