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Daniel Lopez

Spanish artist, Daniel Lopez, has the ability to work around aspects of the ordinary in ways many won’t. Originally from Andalusia, southern Spain, he moved to Cuenca as a teenager where he began his training as an artist. After enjoying a scholarship to train at the prestigious University of Arts of Havana he moved to Birmingham where he now lives and works. In the last decade, he has exhibited internationally and participated in major art events such as ArtCollection Madrid with award wining projects.

Daniel works with all sort of media depending on the purposes and nature of each project, from ceramic,  to watercolour, photography, digital, and acrylic or oil on canvas. “Each project requires its own language,“ he says. 

“Black Paintings and Rain” is one of the latest projects that Daniel is developing. Essentially experimenting with the contingency of his surroundings, these medium to large scale images are first painted in the studio then taken outside  where the rain has the last say. He finds something magical in this process when the action of painting and the brush strokes are inverted into an action of erasing by this very British rain.


We don't currently have any work available by Daniel Lopez online.
Please contact us if you are interested in this artists' work as there may be work available in the Gallery.