Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor was born in Aldridge, West Midlands and currently lives in Worcestershire.  She studied A level art at Aldridge Grammar School and in the 1990’s undertook City & Guilds Creative Studies courses in Embroidery Parts I and Part II . She was shortlisted for the City and Guilds Silver Medal for Part II of her course at Halesowen College and the artwork for this course brought her back to painting.

Zoe has recently exhibited work at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA).  Her first entry into the Friend’s Exhibition won the show Award and two subsequent exhibitions rewarded her with “Highly Commended”.

Artist Statement:   “The processes I use to build a painting can vary from piece to piece and will often include scratching, scraping, layering and re-forming. These methods sometimes take me a long way from the original inspiration and intention. I work intuitively and let the painting lead me, sometimes reworking pieces several times.  The natural world’s weathered building blocks and the ever-changing wallpaper of the land, sea and sky figure strongly. These are distillations of times, places and remembrances of feeling and emotion and are still developing”.