Crab Boats and Cornets! April 18 2019

We have just taken delivery of some new signed, limited edition prints by Paul Robinson.  Paul was born in Penrith in Cumbria in 1959.  He studied Fine Art at Carlisle College of Art. After graduating Paul moved to London where he began a successful career as a freelance illustrator, working for many leading publications such as the Sunday Times and Radio Times. He also continued painting in oils and acrylics, developing his strong style, inspired by the streets of London.  

Paul moved from London to Norfolk in 1999 and was delighted to discover a whole new world to explore; from the contrast of the cityscape to the Norfolk landscape with its wide expanse of sea and sky. His style is instantly recognisable and his paintings are becoming more and more collectable.

Humour is a powerful emotion as is nostalgia and it is these elements that strike you first about Paul Robinson's paintings, then texture, then colour. However, there is another vital ingredient to these engaging paintings, one that he shares with that other observer of people - Lowry.  Each picture tells a story, a cameo of the life of ordinary people going about their daily lives, often windblown, snowbound or drenched by a downpour, handbags flapping, dogs pulling. Paul's paintings radiate a warmth which never fails to touch the onlooker and appear to have a timeless quality, although there are undeniably elements of the 1950s in his work. 

Paul's partner, Lisa, is the creator of the titles and poems that accompany these paintings - making them all the more difficult to resist!

image featured: Crab Boats and Cornets  
"A nice bit of sun and we're all feeling jolly, but I just can't decide - ice cream or lolly!"    
Signed, Giclee Print,  £65