Two Pears and an Orange.......... October 29 2014

We are pleased to have a new collection of David Martin paintings, following our recent trip to Scotland.  David is still as passionate as ever about his two loves in life - painting and music!  He has been busy painting for a forthcoming solo show at one of his London galleries, but still made time to meet with us and take a short trip for our customary lunch at his local!    

David also exhibits annually at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute.  Painting subjects are mainly landscape & still life.  The painting of still life is exploratory in that objects are rarely ‘set up’ in the conventional manner as the composition develops through knowledge of the objects and how he want to use them.  

The new work will be on show in the gallery from Saturday 29th November as part of our Christmas show and will be available until the end of January.  Click  here for further information>>>