Here and There........... February 07 2015

Our latest exhibition is now underway...A mixed, solo show of original paintings by Colin Carruthers from Saturday 7/2/15 -Saturday 6/3/15. This is Colin Carruthers' 10th year of exhibiting his work at Purple Gallery and this year's show brings together a variety of new paintings along with some earlier works. Colin works with oils, acrylics and watercolours. When he is not painting in his studio, he likes to make trips to the countryside and coast and continues to draw inspiration from his travels - both abroad and here in the U.K.


Colin enjoys the experience of being outdoors  -  emotionally connecting  with  the  landscape  and  its surroundings.    He may visit the same place at different times, but each time the place is changed by the light, the weather and the flora,  and that  inspires  him  to  draw and  paint and  to  experience the place afresh – as if visiting it for the first time.    His paintings are a desire to capture something about the essence of what   it feels like to be there.