Autumn Exhibition 2016 August 01 2016

This exhibition focuses on the work of West Midlands Artists and draws together a great collection of acrylic and oil paintings - many depicting Birmingham scenes.

Featured Artist: Carrick Siddell
Carrick Siddell was born in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands and travelled extensively as a child – spending many years growing up between America and Spain. He studied Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with a BA Honours Degree in 2002, followed by a PGCE in Art and Design from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005.
Carrick likes to record the subtle changes in light and shadow that would normally go unnoticed.

His paintings record these changes and sights, almost like memories or snapshots of the places he has visited.    
These paintings are the result  of ideas that manifested themselves  some years ago. Interested in capturing the way light and shadows played on the surfaces of buildings, Carrick observed the way the summer sun burned into walls and streets - casting cool shadows - and painted the way the light changed in Autumn through to Winter.  

This series of Birmingham paintings records the way Carrick sees the City and are painted at eye level.  He paints with thick oils, moulding and sculpting the scene, until he has captured the required memory.  Click here to view the online catalogue>>>


The Urban Village Series June 30 2016

Since exhibiting at Purple Gallery, Colin Carruthers has painted many Birmingham scenes - some depicting Bournville and the surrounding areas.  These paintings have proven very popular and some of these iconic scenes are now available to purchase as limited edition giclée prints at very affordable prices. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints,  they can be purchased directly from Purple Gallery or online via our website.

Own Art Plus May 20 2016

Purple Gallery has been an Own Art member Gallery for the last ten years. We have facilitated many sales of original works of art (including ceramics and sculpture) by offering an interest free loan over 10 months through the Own Art Scheme.

Arts Council England now offer another interest free scheme - Own Art Plus.  It works in a similar way to the current Own Art Scheme but facilitates a loan for purchases over £2,500 up to £25,000.

Click here to view artwork currently available under the Own Art Plus scheme>>> 

Representative 0% APR

Own Art is an Arts Council England initiative operated by Creative United, a registered trademark of Creative Sector Services CIC, a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales under number 08280539. Registered office: 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE.Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. ® The Own Art logo is a registered trademark of Arts Council England.


The Cadbury Factory in Moonlight February 11 2016

I was talking with Colin about his painting The Cadbury Factory in Moonlight......He was telling me that when he was a young boy living in Antrim, someone bought him a bar of Bournville chocolate. He remembers not liking the taste that much (he prefers Cadburys Dairy Milk) and thinking that Bournville was a name made up for a chocolate bar and a fictitious place.

Little did he know that many years later, he would create a painting of the very same factory where his chocolate bar was made and have the painting on display in a gallery just a stone's throw away.........

Bird Flight by Sue Dyer December 15 2014

Sue Dyer gained a degree in Glass and Ceramics at Stourbridge College of Art
in the 1970’s.    Following  her  interest in  Ikebana and Japanese gardens, she
began  to  concentrate  on  ceramics,  focussing  on  inlayed   porcelain  vases.
“Ikebana” is the Japanese  art of arranging  flowers aesthetically where a sense
of balance is created between the three elements – sky, earth and man.Parallel
to  these  themes  Sue  also develops large-scale stone  sculptural forms which
could be  placed  within  the  environment.    Inspired  by  the  landscape  and a
strong affinity with standing  stones,  the  individual  pieces have a great feeling
of timelessness  and  purity  of sculptural form.



Prices of vases and bowls £55 – £250
Sculptural pieces £250 – £750


Left : Bird Flight
Porcelain Vase approx 40 cm h x 8 cm d
Price: £250

Ceramic Apples October 28 2014

We have just sold three more of Edyta's sculptural ceramic apples. More are now on order as stocks diminish in the run up to Christmas. These creative and stylish apples would make the perfect gift for those that like individually, hand-crafted unique ceramic pieces.  So why not revive the idea of "stocking fillers" for friends or family!

Edyta Szymanska  
 Working mainly with clay Edyta creates both small figurative and large scale ceramic pieces. Interpreted through colour, texture and form, Edyta uses the human figure as a vehicle through which to express beauty, line and grace. Her principal medium is clay, but she uses both ceramic and steel to create her artwork.   click here to see items currently in stock>>>


Urban Expressions September 11 2014

Our Autumn Exhibition opened on Saturday 6th September and continues until Saturday 22nd November 2014. The Exhibition showcases  contemporary artwork that depicts both British and European city life and features the work of Lauren van Helmond.   CLICK HERE to view the  Urban Expressions artwork catalogue >>>

Urban Expressions September - November 2014

Lauren van Helmond was born in North Staffordshire. She studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University and then Illustration at Glyndwr University.   Over the last decade Lauren has combined a background in Fine Art with Design Crafts and Illustration, to refine her artistic skills.

The creation of intricate depictions of British life showcases this multi disciplinary experience, resulting in fanciful characters created in wire, pegs, washers, old biscuit tins and found objects.  Focusing on British past times including gardening, drinking tea, day trips and hobbies, Lauren creates narrative worlds, which present the audience with a humorous view point. Minuscule objects are fabricated by cutting, folding and soldering tin and wire. These hand painted objects are assembled and displayed within the confines of either a box frame or glass dome.

Other exhibiting artists: Richard Burel, Colin Carruthers, Terence Clarke, Ellie Hesse, Ross Moore, Carrick Siddell and Melissa Sturgeon. 

Bluebells in the Lickeys August 13 2014

Springtime in the Lickeys by Margaret OvertonMargaret Overton was born in Coventry, West Midlands and gained a BA Hons in Fine Art from Leicester Polytechnic. She has been exhibiting at Purple Gallery since 2011 and has recently been focussing on landscapes. 

Margaret loves the sense of light and space created by the rich and varied woodland landscapes and particularly bluebells in Spring – which she finds spectacular. She has frequently explored this magical landscape theme throughout the year – charting the changing colours and light effects in all their richness and variety through the seasons.

We now have two further paintings in the gallery from this series of work.


New in! - Carrie Elspeth Summer Range July 26 2014

Jewellery by Carrie Elspeth is colourful, affordable, easy to wear and appeals to women of all ages.

Three new collections are launched each year and we are currently stocking new necklaces, earrings and bracelets from the latest Summer Range as well as work from previous collections.  

Carrie’s jewellery is well designed and captures the mood of fashion as well as making excellent, affordable gifts.  

Price Range: Earrings £6-£10, Bracelets £10 – £20, Necklaces & Pendants  £10 – £20

Ceramics by Mary Chappelhow July 19 2014

Mary Chappelhow first saw a pot being made at school when she was nine years old and knew from that day she wanted to make pots. She was lucky enough to attend Kirkby Stephen Grammar School and studied ceramics up to A level. She set up her own business in 1995 as well as working at Wetheriggs Pottery, nr Penrith.  

In 1997 Mary began a degree course at Cumbria College of Art & Design (now known as the University of Cumbria) and gained a first class honours degree in 2000. She then set up her own ceramics workshop and gallery at the Rheged Discovery Centre, Penrith.

During her time at Rheged she wrote her book Thrown Pottery Techniques Revealed as well as setting a Guinness World Record for the most pots thrown on the potter’s wheel in one  hour. 

Mary uses a variety of stoneware clays to produce thrown functional mugs, jugs and bowls which are extremely good value for money. Purple Gallery stocks a range of jugs, bowls, mugs and vases in colour ways blue, green and stone priced from £10 – £125

Printmaker Studio Visit May 14 2014

We have just collected new paintings and prints from London artist Mychael Barratt, for our forthcoming Summer Show.   Mychael spent some time updating us on what’s been happening for him over the last 12 months and gave us an insight into one of his more recent projects  – Notes from the Underground – which is a four plate etching and relief print in the style of an ancient folding map.  The print (which was accepted at the Royal Academy’s Summer Show in 2013) was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground and features specific references to all 270 stations.  At the time of our visit earlier this week, Mychael was organising the final touches to the last few prints in this particular edition and is looking forward to working on new projects over this coming year.

We are pleased to have  four great paintings and two new prints from his Artists’ Cats and Dogs series, which will be hung as part of a mixed exhibition at Purple Gallery throughout this coming Summer.  The Summer Exhibition opens on Sunday 1st June at 2.15 p.m and continues until the end of August. See website for holiday closure dates.

April News April 04 2014

We have had a great start to our Spring Exhibition which will continue until Saturday 24th May. Exhibiting vibrant new prints by Vicky Oldfield have been well-received by all those visiting the gallery.  New pottery is available from Hampshire based Robert Goldsmith, who has been established since 1985.   Irish textile designer-makers   Eugene & Anke McKernan  who have also been trading for nearly 30 years,  have sent us a lovely new range of scarves for the 2014 season.

Vicky Oldfield studied (BA Hons) Design at Staffordshire University and then advanced printmaking at Richmond School of Art.  

Vicky’s strong images are created using collagraphs – an experimental form of printmaking. The prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials, card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else that may come to hand. The plates are then sealed and then inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press. The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this methods.   Thanks to the process itself, Vicky is able to make small editions of the image. The editions are variable due to the process and her desire to experiment, which means each print is unique. Continually inspired by plants, objects and the animals that surround her, her pictures are an atmospheric response to the beauty and drama of her daily life.


February News February 24 2014

Our Spring Exhibition will open on Saturday 1st March at 10.00 am.

New into the gallery:

  • A great range of original collagraph prints by Vicky Oldfield
  •  The Diva Series of ceramic figurines by Polish-born Edyta Szymanska
  • Resin jewellery from The Paula Bolton Collection
  • Handmade Silver jewellery by artisans from Israel and new jewellery designs from Jenna Perryman
  • New paintings from established Purple Gallery artists.

The exhibition will continue until Saturday 24th May 2014