Méliès Bell (Le Cloche) by Mike Allison November 21 2018

This is one in a series of Alphabet prints created by printmaker Mike Allison. The series is loosely based upon the early French film director George Méliès - his most iconic image being the rocket landing into the moon/cake

Méliès films are full of imagery and symbolism that evoke stories and quite specific feelings.  Mikes prints use elements from the films and draw upon the feelings they impart, often being combined and updated to match specific dreams, daydreams or events in the printmaker's own life.   

Each print is a limited edition of up to 40 prints. A range of printmaking techniques has been used -  often in the same print. Size approximately 26 cm x 22 cm; framed size approximately 43 cm wide x 38 cm high.

Image shown: Méliès Bell (Le Cloche), £175 (framed)