Landscape Exhibition Opening Saturday 19th August 2017 August 14 2017

Our new Landscape Exhibition will showcase a wide range of new Paintings, Prints, Ceramics Sculpture, Jewellery and Craft by established Purple Gallery Artists.   


We have a great series of Tree Landscape etchings by Printmaker Ian MacCulloch ; Watercolour landscapes by Jonathan Taylor (ARBSA); a vivid range of original linocut and giclee Tuscany prints by Italian artist Giuliana Lazzerini  as well as English and French Oil landscapes by Colin Carruthers.

Image left: Cotswold Lane, Winter Light. One of five new watercolours available from Jonathan Taylor (ARBSA)

We will be introducing new mugs, jugs and bowls to the gallery by Rosemary Jacks. Working from her studio in rural East Devon, Rosemary uses red earthenware clay - the traditional material of Devon pottery to make pots that are both fun and functional with quirky animal and bird decorations with a simple naive style.


Landscape Vase by Sue Dyer Pottery by Rosemary Jacks




Rosemary's work will be available at the Exhibition opening on Saturday 19th August - so please come along for first pick of her great range of cheerful pottery.......but if you can't make it, some of her Trees, Dill & Butterflies and Oystercatcher Ranges will be available to purchase online after the show has opened.  

There will also be some amazing new large landscape vases on display by Sue Dyer, who uses the intricate Mishima inlay process to decorate her porcelain pieces.