Christmas Brochures! November 08 2018

Our Christmas Exhibition brochures have just arrived from the printers so we will be sending them out to our customer base over the next few days!

One of the artists featured in the Christmas catalogue is Italian-born Giuliana Lazzerini.  Giuliana was born in Seravezza near Pietrasanta in Tuscany.   She divides her time between painting (oils, acrylics and watercolours) and printmaking.

The Tuscan landscape and childhood memories still bear a strong influence upon Giuliana’s current work. In an earlier statement she describes her first encounters with art in Italy as a child in her father’s mosaic studio. She refers to the “translucency of the mosaic fragment” and her “fascination with the vibrancy of colour” from the juxta positioning of the pieces. These early perceptions, several years on, provide a language and a vocabulary for her pictures in terms of colour, surface, scale of which she uses in the construction of her tapestry-like, interlocking, angular-surfaced village landscapes.  

image featured: Snow Dales, Acrylic on Canvas by Giuliana Lazzerini; 80 cm x 80 cm £1,550