Bournville Paintings and Prints January 01 2017

Colin Carruthers was born in Antrim in Northern Ireland in 1963. When he was a young boy living in Antrim someone bought him a bar of Bournville chocolate. He remembers not liking the taste that much (he prefers Cadburys Dairy Milk) and thinking that Bournville was a fictitious name made up for a chocolate bar and not a real place.  

His older brother came to Birmingham to study accountancy and Colin followed a few years later - going on to study Fine Art at Margaret Street. Little did Colin know that many years later, he would create a painting of the very same factory where his chocolate bar was made and that he would be selling his work at a gallery just a short distance away. Original paintings and signed, limited edition prints of his work, are available at Purple Gallery.  Click here to view>>>