Bournville - Cherry Blossoms April 22 2018

Spring is a great time for Cherry Blossom trees in leafy Bournville and you won't have to travel for more than a mile in Bournville, to find a green space with lots of trees and a place of peace and quiet.

Bournville Park sits a stone's throw away from the Village Green, nestling between aptly named Oak Tree Lane and Beech Road and only a  short distance from neighbouring roads -  Sycamore, Maple, Acacia, Willow, Laburnum and Elm. The roads of the Bournville Estate were lined with trees as part of an initiative in by-gone days by the Cadbury family,  who built cottages and houses adjacent to their new factory to give workers a better environment to live in.    The stream called the Bourn which runs through the park, runs west-to-east through the Bournville factory site and to this the Cadbury brothers added the French word ville meaning 'town', for it was fashionable at that time for confectionery to be thought to be French or Swiss.

We currently stock a series of signed, limited edition prints of Cherry Blossom Trees by Colin Carruthers, along with other prints in The Urban Village Series.

image: Sunlit Cherry Trees, Bournville Park Giclee Print, £95