Artists' Cats and Dogs August 15 2018

Mychael Barratt was born in Toronto, Canada where he studied Fine Art.  He moved to London in 1984 where he attended Central School, St Martins, from 1989 to 1990. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE) in 2002 and became President of the Society in 2013. 

He is a narrative artist who illustrates incidents from every day life – his sense of humour being evidenced throughout his prints and paintings.  One day many years ago while working on a piece in a series called Life Imitating Art,  Mychael started to think about what Marc Chagall's dog might look like and created the drawing for Chagall's Dog in Love.  This was quickly followed by Van Gogh's Dog - along with a cascade of other ideas - in what has become a running series of Artists' cats and dogs etchings.    Amongst his achievements, Mychael has written and had published his own book on intaglio printmaking but has also had published a book entitled:   The Master's Muse - Artists' Cats and Dogs  - which illustrates his own etchings, silks screen prints and paintings from the Series.  Hardbook edition available on Amazon Price £20  (NB the book cover appears as Red on the Amazon product page (which is a pre-published image) but the correct colour and title is actually shown in the image on this page.

As Mychael’s work has become more sought after - with sell-out editions, it is pleasing that he has continued to be creative in adding new prints to this wonderful fun series of prints.  There will be some new prints available in the Artists' Cats and Dogs Series, at the Purple Gallery Autumn Exhibition which opens on September 1st 2018.