A Winter's Day - New Acrylic Paintings December 06 2018

Colin Carruthers was born in Antrim Town in Northern Ireland, where he spent most of his early childhood. He lived in Germany for a time and at various locations in the U.K., moving to Birmingham in 1985. Having studied Fine Art at Margaret Street in 1994, he was drawn towards painting and completed a B.A. Honours degree in 1997.

The significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere, play an important part in Colin’s work and he is particularly interested in the interplay of light between water and sky.    When he is not painting in his studio, Colin likes to make trips to the countryside and coast and continues to draw inspiration from his travels. Over the past fifteen years he has travelled extensively to the Scottish Isles, the U.K., France and Spain.

IMAGE : A Winter's Day, Acrylic on Board , 34 cm x 28 cm by Colin Carruthers