Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery November 26 2015

Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery ®

Award winning products made from broken and recycled skateboards.

Thrashion is a 100% skater owned-and- run DIY business - supporting the UK skateboarding industry and is based in Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Where did the idea come from?   Nat Ribgy has been passionate about recycling for years, but started Thrashion when she was pregnant with her little boy (now 8!)  She found old skateboards after clearing out the attic and had a "lightbulb moment".  Her first product was a bangle and this expanded to her current product range of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, cufflinks etc.

Where do the skateboards come from?  Nat says: "I am supplied by skate companies, distributors, pro skaters, local skate shops, local skate parks and friends".  

How are the products sealed?    Each item is coated with clear varnish which is applied by hand. The product is tested vigouously to ensure that it will last, the product is waterproof to a degree but its not advised to submerge the product as this will affect its longevity.